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Just a friendly reminder that I really appreciate when people leave comments about the music, so be sure to comment on the post when you listen. It will also serve to let me know folks are still following this blog after yet another long hiatus on my part. Thanks!

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Fly From Here (2012)

For me, the release of Fly From Here in 2011 was a major highlight in recent Yes history. Benoit David had been the official vocalist for some time, but the release of an album really validates a band’s lineup, and Yes is no exception. I thoroughly enjoy the record. In fact, it’s my favorite of the post-Keys to Ascension releases. Here’s the entire “Fly From Here” suite, from Boston on July 21, 2012. And while I’d have liked to hear Benoit have a chance to sing the entire piece, Jon Davison does a pretty good job. And the energy of the band is excellent – the full suite comes across very strongly. I especially like Steve’s slide guitar during “Sad Night at the Airfield” and the great jamming during “Mad Man at the Screens.” But the entire piece is a great listen. Live, “Fly From Here” takes its rightful place among all great Yes epics.

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Fly From Here

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Trevor Rabin: I Can’t Look Away (1989)

While ABWH was doing their thing, Trevor Rabin released an amazing solo album called Can’t Look Away in 1989. Here’s the title track from the Boston show on December 5, 1989. This tour (along with the ABWH Tour) is high on my list of regrets for not seeing. Trevor sounds great here, and the audience is amazing! Yes, I do miss Trevor… Enjoy.

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Can’t Look Away

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Signs of life…

Hey everyone. Another long hiatus… But I fixed the MP3 links (the host information got messed up) as well as the links on the Complete Yesshows page (formerly known as “Yesshow of the Month” – What was I thinking, naming it that?? lol). And it looks like Facebook deleted my group, which I can’t figure out. I emailed them about it but am not holding my breath for a reply. Whatever….I’ll probably create a new one.

Anyway, just saying Hi and checking to see if anyone is still watching this blog. I should have some new material soon, starting with the full “Fly From Here” suite from the most recent tour. Comment here if you’d like to see anything in particular.

Thanks for listening.


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YOSO: Changes and Yes Medley (2010)

YOSO is was a Billy Sherwood project with ex-Toto frontman Bobby Kimbal, and ex-Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye. Augmented by Jimmy Bruhns (Yes tribute ‘Roundabout’) on guitars and Scott Connor (Genesis tribute ‘Gabble Ratchet’) on drums, they released an album of new music in 2010 and toured the US and Europe. The set was a mix of new songs along with Yes and Toto standouts.

Here’s “Changes” and a Yes medley containing excerpts from Yes, Time and a Word and The Yes Album. It was recorded on August 19, 2001, at The Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. Enjoy!

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Yes Medley

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Complete Yesshows page updated

Hey everyone! I’ve updated the Complete Yesshows page with a complete Tales From Topographic Oceans show. Check it out!

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Some wonderful news!

Just read this in an interview with Chris Squire about the upcoming Rite of Spring tour: “Yes have a really large library of material that we have amassed over the years so we are able to do a lot of different things. Obviously, we have to combine playing the more popular songs that people want to hear with songs that are not so well-known. We have been looking at different eras of the band and we are going to be playing some very interesting things on this short tour.”

Looks like the setlist will be seeing some much-needed revitalization. Can’t wait to hear what they’re gonna play! Any ideas??


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