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Nine Voices (2002)

Another contribution from Nitrus, here is a performance of “Nine Voices” accompanied by a 50-voice high school choir. The story of how this all came about is on Forgotten Yesterdays and is a fun read. I can’t imagine what it … Continue reading

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New Language (1999)

“New Language” was played at only a few shows during The Ladder tour, and I’m not sure why. It’s one of the better songs from the album, and came across pretty well live. Here is a performance from the October … Continue reading

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Go Through This (1980)

Another Drama tour gem, this version of “Go Through This” is quite a different than the well-known MSG version that appears on The Word is Live. I have no idea which show this is from, but it rocks. I really … Continue reading

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Cinema > City of Love (1994)

“City of Love” has always been one of my favorite YesWest songs. Here, they combine it with “Cinema” for an awesome one-two punch. For me, the Talk tour had some of the best playing from this lineup. This is from … Continue reading

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Hold Out Your Hand > You By My Side (1976)

At the beginning of the 1976 Solo Album tour, YES performed songs from each member’s solo albums. Unfortunately, not too long into the tour the solo material was dropped. Here is “Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side” from Chris’ … Continue reading

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High Vibration (1975)

The first contribution! This one comes from Yesfans member Nitrus. It’s a very early take on “Awaken” that was played during the Relayer tour at the August 23, 1975, Reading UK gig. It’s just the opening section, but it shows … Continue reading

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Parallels (1980)

Ah, the infamous Drama tour! While Trevor Horn was certainly no Jon Anderson, he did an admirable job, all things considered. And the band played very well on that tour. To give the uninitiated a feel for what they sounded … Continue reading

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