Hello, and welcome to my Yessongs blog. This is an attempt to respond to the “We should all pitch in…” thread on Yesfans, posted by Drazan22 to encourage more active sharing of Yes music amongst the Yesfans community. On this blog I will post links and information to MP3 files you can download. I will not post any “official” releases here, only rarities and live stuff. Also, I won’t post entire shows due to a 5 GB storage limit on my hosting account. Lastly, I can’t offer entire shows for trade at this point, as my life is just too busy to take on the responsibility of sending out shows. And in many cases, I only have the song I posted as much of what appears here I originally downloaded from Shazam’s site a few years back.

The best way to grab the MP3s is to right-click the link below each description and select “Save Target As” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Firefox) and select a location on your hard drive.

Important: Please do not stream the songs in your browser over and over! If you want to listen to the song more than once, please download it as instructed above! I have a limited amount of download activity each month, and if it’s exceeded, the songs will be inaccessible until the next month. Sorry, but I can’t afford a more robust host at this point!

Enjoy, and please leave comments!

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20 Responses to Welcome!

  1. yesfannh says:

    Don (yesfannh) here Rich. Thanks for posting theses rarities. I’m checking them out right now!!!! Sweet Dreams is very cool!!!! See YA!!!

  2. Mike says:

    Great idea brought to fruition here, Rick! I’ll be downloading all these and checking them out. I’m not a big music weed guy either. I also don’t have enough time to devote to it and I only need so much live Yes stuff, which is still a lot by most people’s standards!I’ve listened to Sweet Dreams. It’s great, fun to hear Trevor on guitar on that. Can’t wait to hear more. Thanks so much for doing this!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very nice!Good work – also listening to Sweet Dreams right now.Thanks for this,miklemas (yesfans)

  4. Jim says:

    Wow, that version of “The Revealing Science of God” from 1997, is some good stuff. Could you please post some other songs from this show?

  5. Drazan22 says:

    Why no more songs?

  6. BlankReg says:

    Sorry, life had to go and take over. You know, the holidays & such. I do have some stuff planned, including an XM radio broadcast that I’m waiting for a CD of…Stay tuned, but patience, patience, patience…..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Keep the groovy tunes comin man

  8. Inveryes says:

    RichGreat site ! Looks and sounds very nice. Just downloaded the XM show so thanks for that.Keep ’em coming!

  9. RelayerJim says:

    Thanks for the music Rich..I was able to find a few things I didn’t have.-relayerjim (YesFans)

  10. Paul G. says:

    Came upon you checking some forgottenyesterdays reviews. Thanks for the tidbits of 30 years of memories! I have NEVER missed a tour since 12/14/74. That’s right, a Philly YesFan now in CO. Hell, they got the keys to the city and we had a YES Day. I was fortunate to meet the band twice, once during the Tormato tour and then again during the Union tour. Go figure, both round tours. Always be thankful to Ed Sciaky for promoting the band. Hopefully I can find some time and post some rarities. Peace to all my Yes friends.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have an account, but I am known on YesFans and AGP as OldRelayer, maybe we have chatted. I was at the 1974 show in Boston, until now that only copy I had of “The Remembering” Live was the Detroit show. I like this better and not to mention the thrill of hearing the actually show that I went to in 1974, great job, thanks for posting it. I am downloading Awaken, I wasn’t there but your description was intriguing.

  12. e-rok says:

    This is such a sweet easy to use yestival!I am finally able to hear a bunch of my favorite unheard and unreleased yessongs..!Thanks and good work!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    hey I loved this! thanksian

  14. Anonymous says:

    Every now and then I come across a site on the net that reminds me of incredibly vivid dreams I used to have as a kid (we are talking pre CD…pre microwave even). You know like the one where I stumble across a tape with an album of unreleased Yes material etc. Anyway you get the idea. Thanks so much.

  15. X-man says:

    I want to thank you for these. It’s so cool that you are posting them. Is there any rarities from the early days? There is a good version from Big Generator of “love will find a way”-almost acoustic from the opening show. Will this get posted at anytime? Loookin forward to more.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Rich. PhillYes here. Wanted to thank you again for this stuff. Especially loved “Remembering”, my favorite of the four movements. Keep it up!

  17. Ajay says:

    Thank you so much for posting all of these. They’re fantastic, I never thought I’d hear live versions of ‘Holy Lamb’, ‘No Way We Can Lose’ etc.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Holy Cow this is so awesome. I love what you are doing here i hope you keep up the good work. i will be checking back often to see what you come up with next.You havent got a good recording of To be Over do you ? or a Revealing Science of god fromm 2002 would be super sweeeet !Thanks again for hooking us up !

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for a great site and the XM radio download.all the bestSteve

  20. U know says:

    I am not here to argue. A good friend of mine since about 1973 told me that God showed him what heaven is like. "there is no TIME in heaven". I was lucky enough to get a taste of heaven at the Yes in the round tour in Lakeland fla. "Scary Tor" I saw them twice on that tour 1st in Atlanta Ga. and then in Lakeland Fla. I have been to 12 Yes shows since my 1st show Tales in 1974. The shows and albums and timestamps is what I'll call it right now simply do not add up. I know for a fact that there are several discrepancies on what year that several albums cd's media tours so forth happened. It simply all doesn’t fit into the bands 42 yrs. from 1968 until 2010. But what has been their consistent spiritual message for 42 years? never faltering at all. "WE Have Heaven" It didn't just happen 20000 yrs ago. God is still in business. Here and Now…. thanxU Know check out my new songs myspace/shampoly

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