Master of Images (1984)

Only twice did YES touch on “Awaken” during the 90125 tour. This is from the August 11 show in East Troy, WI. It’s just Jon and Tony, but still it’s cool to hear. Usually, Jon sang the “Soon” excerpt from “Gates of Delirium” in his ‘solo’ spot. But on 8/9 and 8/11, he sang “Master of Images” in addition to “Soon,” so this is kinda special.

Source/quality: Audience/A-

Master of Images

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2 Responses to Master of Images (1984)

  1. Jim says:

    Guess I never consulted Forgotten Yesterdays about this, as I never saw the band on the 90125 tour, and I certainly wouldn’t have expected Awaken in any form of Yes West! But this is a beautiful, effortless, and surprisingly warm version, thank you for posting!!

  2. David Walsh says:

    I love this to death. Even if I have to sing "Farewell Farewell" myself! Way better than the super short Soon IMHO. But boy, oh, boy – this is about as obscure as you can get in the context of this tour. Makes me almost expect Our Song, or the real Make It Easy!! Those would pseudo make sense.

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