Parallels (1980)

Ah, the infamous Drama tour! While Trevor Horn was certainly no Jon Anderson, he did an admirable job, all things considered. And the band played very well on that tour. To give the uninitiated a feel for what they sounded like, here is “Parallels,” which was only played at a handful of shows. This particular performance is from Boston on September 9, 1980. Enjoy!

Source/quality: Audience/B


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6 Responses to Parallels (1980)

  1. yesfannh says:

    Hey Rich when trying to check this one out I got Master of Images again. Just wanted to let you know. Probably me being stupid. Thanks again for some very good stuff. Don

  2. BlankReg says:

    My goof! The link has been fixed…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good audio version of this tune, I must say. Its funny but sad hearing Trevor trying to hit those high notes of Jon’s and barely accomplishing them. Poor Trevor. They should’ve rehearsed more for the tour, and Trevor should’ve taken some voice lessons, so that he could’ve shapened his range more. Lord knows what other songs they could’ve done if he had done that. Do you have any more Drama tour songs? I’m really interseted into what they might sound like, the Drama tunes, and espeacially the Anderson tunes. Reply back please!drummessiah88@hotmail.comThank you very much.

  4. BlankReg says:

    Just posted “Machine Messiah” from Leicester, UK, 11-24-1980. Enjoy!

  5. Jim says:

    In fairness to Trevor, Jon had problems with this song as well, e.g. during the GFTO tour. If you listen closely on Yesshows, for example, you can hear Jon straining and/or missing a note or tow. But I agree, poor Trevor — and to his credit, he insisted on singing everything in its original key.

  6. David Walsh says:

    Request for the Tempus Fugit->Power outage SH jam->Tempus Fugit from ? Canada (1st nite of tour).That was an A-/B+ aud boot IMHO.

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