Release, Release (1978)

YES rarely performed “Release, Release” live as it was such a powerhouse piece and left the guys quite winded. Here is a live version from one of the Boston shows early in the Tormato tour. The performance is pretty tight, so from the notes on Forgotten Yesterdays I am assuming it is from the August 31 show and not the August 30 show.

Source/quality: Audience/B-

Release, Release

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4 Responses to Release, Release (1978)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a real gem–thanks for posting it! Sheds a whole new light on the composition.dead tanuki

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is in fact 8/30/78. I know because I remastered it myself from the original [top shelf] master tapes – it’s now available on Dime. This was actually one of the best audience sound captures of the 70s – currently posted sample must be from an old multigeneration tape trade. I’ll try to get RR from the new one available here soon

  3. wedge says:

    hey!! thanks for these great Yestunes!! ive d/l all the pre- Big Generator stuff, and ive found this to be the best track of the bunch. would love to hear this entire show. ive read many times that the source for this entire show is not so good, but this track actually sounds great on my stereo!! too bad that they dropped this song from the set list, and also played “silent wings” for only a few gigs while they kept such a weak track like “circus of heaven” for all of the Tormato tours…i’ll never understand that decision…

  4. David Walsh says:

    Sounds like I remember it on cassette. Arriving UFO wsa rare too, w/the "Ritual syth" style drum solo IIRC.

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