New Language (1999)

“New Language” was played at only a few shows during The Ladder tour, and I’m not sure why. It’s one of the better songs from the album, and came across pretty well live. Here is a performance from the October 16 show in Atlanta, GA.

Source/quality: Audience/B+

New Language

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2 Responses to New Language (1999)

  1. Mike says:

    This is great, very nice recording! Makes me want to put on The Ladder CD. Thanks!

  2. U Know says:

    I saw the show too. It wasn't 1999.I know and U know it was around 2001 something like that. Keys 1 came out in 1999. I waited for that cd and went to a shop in Ga. to listen to it when it just came out. Then I got married to Wendy and we got married in 2000. I’ve been to 12 Yes shows and Wendy and I have seen them 3 times together and got back stage at the Ladder tour in atlanta ga. Defiantly not 1999. I hadn’t even met Wendy in 1999. I could go on and on about these time issues. But like God showed Crain. No time in Heaven.U Know

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