I’m Running (1987)

Upgraded 8/12/10!

I have obtained a much better recording of this show. This version has unbelievably clear sound for an 1980’s-era audience recording. The bass and drums are especially clear. I’ve upgraded this post and will also be adding “Final Eyes” soon. Enjoy!

From the first night of the Big Generator tour, here is a rare performance of “I’m Running” which many YesWest fans have wanted to hear. Unfortunately, both “I’m Running” and “Final Eyes” were played only four times, very early in the tour. It’s a shame they didn’t stay in the set, as they are two of the strongest tracks on the album. Recorded on the first night of the tour on November 14, 1987, at the Civic Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska.

Source/quality: Audience/A-

I’m Running

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4 Responses to I’m Running (1987)

  1. David Walsh says:

    This tour was my 1st chance to see them, and I missed in in '88 when they came to Cincy (I was only 14, though and gave since seen at least a dozen shows).From what I've heard, I didn't miss anything BUT, and its a BIG but, had they played this & Final Eyes more, I might have cared.From the sounds of this cut (1st time ever hearing it btw), its pretty good. Alot of weird signature things going on. I love it, though. ooh, tracks at the end – no suprise there. Leave it pt. 2!Hated Wurm/Yours/Sunrise from the boots I've heard.Thanks for the site – sorry I just got around to it. I'm hoping in scrolling down, I find Elanor Rigby & Then from '69 – still ain't heard those live. Had Bressen? Ger '69 back on cassette, and sounded truely F-. Hopefully the above 2 tunes will sound at least D.Thanks

  2. Leonardinsky says:

    Nice version, the instrumental intro adds a lot to theme. This version I like better than we can find in the album. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anything from the BG tour is like the Holy grail for me as they didn't tour in the UK to support that album.So many thanks for this Gem!Mike

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