XM Acoustic Radio Show (2002)

Deep Tracks with Yes: 8/10/2002

With very special thanks to Kevin (khalpin) at Yesfans, here is what could be described as an orphan amongst the Bittorrent community. Since XM is considered a lossy format, many of the trading sites won’t accept this one. So I asked Kevin to send me the show in SHN format so I could post it here to make it available to the Yesfans community. Kevin described this as “a must have for any Yes fan, if only for the ‘Awaken Workshop,'” but the entire show is quite enjoyable. The band is really laid-back, having a lot of fun with the whole thing. This is not the typical “Yes Acoustic” show you may be used to hearing and is worth the listen. This one’s a lot of fun, with the band bantering back and forth the whole time. Even Steve has a few humorous moments.

I’m breaking my rule to not post complete shows in an effort to get this out there. Hopefully the bandwidth will last. Leave a comment on this post if you have a problem downloading and I’ll look into other hosting options.

Accessing the files:

For some reason, the links to the SHN files would not work when I tested downloading them. So I zipped the files, which allows them to be downloaded from a web browser. You will need to unzip them back to their original SHN format. After unzipping them, you will need a utility to decode the SHN files to WAV for burning to CD. I use the mkw Audio Compression Tool. There are other choices available, but I’ve found this one to be quite user-friendly.


Source/quality: Radio broadcast/A+

1. XM Radio Intro 0:41
2. Band introductions 2:47
3. South Side Of The Sky/And You and I 6:30
4. Rick Wakeman interview 3:18
5. The Ancient excerpt 4:19
6. Walk Don’t Run 1:19
7. Recent Yes releases 3:37
8. Your Move 4:04
9. Alan White interview 3:35
10. Show Me 4:13
11. Jon Anderson interview 0:48
12. Awaken composition 8:01
13. Awaken composition 10:12

XM Radio – Acoustic.md5

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14 Responses to XM Acoustic Radio Show (2002)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, thanks for putting this up. I’ve been trying to use that MKW audio compression tool that you suggested, but when I attempt to open any of the files it says that the process is “idle”. Any suggestions? Cause I’d really like to hear this stuff.you can email me at: drazan22@aol.com

  2. RelayerJim says:

    Thank’s for posting the show. I didn’t have this one. I downloaded the entire show any listened to it three times already..Once again thank you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    posted by Drazan22@aol.com:Hey, I’m kinda freakin out here. I am out of ideas on how to open these files. It keeps asking me to choose which program I want to use to open the .shn files…but I don’t know which one. I downloaded the program you suggested and still no luck. I’m sure there’s something real simple that I’m just doing wrong here. Anyway, please help!-Drazan22@aol.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Posted by Drazan22:Okay, please disregard my two previous posts. I finally figured it out. Sorry for complaining

  5. Anonymous says:

    Posted by Drazan22:Great sound quality.

  6. BlankReg says:

    Hey, Drazen22. Glad you figured it out. Sorry I didn’t respond until now – was pretty busy over the New Year’s weekend. Surprised I had time to post some more music…

  7. Jim Amormino says:

    This show kicks ass. I love all the banter between the band members. I wish there was more stuff like this out there. But I will certainly cherish this XM radio show. Thank you so much for offering this public service. I’m sure you’re pretty busy, but if you have any other stuff with comparable sound quality, then please…post that stuff. I notice alot of the tracks you have posted, though rare – as in the case of “Quartet” or “I’m Running” – fall short in the sound quality department; and in some respects are almost painful to listen to. Regardless, the other, more audible stuff is truly exceptional. I’ll make sure to check back soon for future updates. Thanks again. I am truly in your debt.-Jimmy

  8. Yeah, I gotta agree with Jim; the sound quality is definitely key for me. Not to complain or anything. I am extremely greatful for this site…but I think sound board recordings are much better than audience recordings. Just wanted to second that motion.

  9. BlankReg says:

    I’ll be posting on sound quality shortly.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is excellent, especially the Awaken workshop. Many thanks…

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am on a dial up so I am very fussy about what I download. I downloaded “Show Me” because to my knowledge this has never been on an album??? The first time I had heard it was 2002 at Mansfield MA, but I am told it has kicked around for a long time. It is one of those wonderfully simple Jon songs. My wife was very disappointed he didn’t play it recently when we saw hime with SOR, when I assured her he would, I thought I had seen a post that had it on the play list, but I guess I was wrong. This is a very good recording and I will probably download that rest of the concert, will take the rest of the week I am sure, SSOTS on its way down. Thanks for posting these gems.OldRelayer(Barry)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Track11.shn is giving me a “no magic number” error and won’t unpack. Would someone kindly look into this and perhaps re-post? Thanks!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Track11.shn, nevermind, it was corrupted in the dl–got it now. What a wonderful Blog, thanks so much!

  14. Anonymous says:

    is there a comparable program like MKW for Mac users?

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