Thoughts on sound quality

In the XM Radio post, there are a few comments on the sound quality of some of the songs posted here. So I figured a general post on sound quality was in order…

A lot of what I post here is significant for historical purposes, and I post the best version I have. If someone has a better version of any given song, feel free to get it to me & I’ll replace the existing version. But the purpose of the site is not just to post great sounding songs, but also historically significant songs. And the fact of the matter is, there are no sound board recordings available of some of the historical stuff, like “Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side.”

With that said, some of the posts are here because they do sound awesome, like the version of “Awaken” from the 35th Anniversary tour. But if it will serve folks, I’ll try add an indicator of source and sound quality to the posts when I get the chance. Be aware that the indicators of sound quality are subjective at best, but I’ll try to be as accurate as I can.


PS: I’m also of the mindset that a great sounding audience recording can be at least as good if not better than some board recordings. So if the source is listed as audience, don’t avoid it as a matter of course.

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