Mind Drive – XYZ Sessions (1981)

From a very unique era of Yes history comes this early version of “Mind Drive.” XYZ was to be a new band, initially featuring Chris Squire, Alan White and Jimmy Page, appropriately named XYZ for “Ex-Yes-Zeppelin.” But nothing came of the sessions when ex-Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant failed to get interested. They recorded four demos which have been circulating for years and are worth tracking down – they’re an interesting listen to what could have been a great band.

Source/quality: Soundboard/B+

Mind Drive – XYZ Sessions

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2 Responses to Mind Drive – XYZ Sessions (1981)

  1. TEMcGee says:

    Now that is cool. I would have thought it would be far less recognizable in such an early form but, sure enough, thats the meat of the song. Well worth the wait man!Tom

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello,I’ve been looking everywherefor a copy of this in FLAC – Can anyone hook me up with one? I’m looking for a direct download link only – NO TORRENTS! My Email: thedoctorstardis@yahoo.com Cheers,Paul L. 😉

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