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Please post comments!

Greetings, Yesfans! I hope you’re enjoying the music. All I ask in return is comments. If you download a song and enjoy it, please come back and add a comment to the song’s post. This is meant to be a … Continue reading

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Holy Lamb > Wurm (1987)

On the surface, segueing into “Wurm” from “Holy Lamb” seems like almost a travesty. During the Big Generator tour, Yes dropped the “Life Seeker” and “Disillusion” sections from “Starship Trooper” and just played “Wurm.” The three shows I saw I … Continue reading

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The Remembering & The Ancient (1974)

While live versions of the first and last movements of Tales from Topographic Oceans abound, versions of “The Remembering” and “The Ancient” are not as common. Here are the second and third movements, taken from the awesome “Boston Tea-FTO Party” … Continue reading

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Relayer Tour – Boston 1974

I need to wake this site up a bit. I’m not too sure how many folks are downloading & not leaving comments, but I receive great joy in hearing how excited people are about the music available here. The last … Continue reading

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