Holy Lamb > Wurm (1987)

On the surface, segueing into “Wurm” from “Holy Lamb” seems like almost a travesty. During the Big Generator tour, Yes dropped the “Life Seeker” and “Disillusion” sections from “Starship Trooper” and just played “Wurm.” The three shows I saw I really didn’t like how it came off. Sure, the jam was great, but without the first half of the song it just didn’t seem right. But this combination from 11/19/87 in Springfield, Il., worked really well. They played an electric version of “Holy Lamb,” ending with a great solo by Trevor, and then neatly segued into “Wurm.” In my not-so-humble opinion, it worked great. Let me know what you think.

PS – I pulled this out of the vaults for mundaneDan in response to his comment in the Relayer Tour – Boston 1974 post, where he said he preferred the Trevor years. Ask and you shall receive!

Source/quality: Audience/B

Holy Lamb > Wurm

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6 Responses to Holy Lamb > Wurm (1987)

  1. mundaneDan says:

    cool! i have fond memories of the Big Generator tour. I saw they at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill, NC. I was totally blown away. 🙂

  2. Pete Bogs says:

    I was very disappointed during the show when they just did the last part of Starship Trooper… they later added insult to injury by doing the single version of Roundabout… yuck…

  3. BlankReg says:

    So, pete, what did you think of this combination? And I, too, have always disliked the shortened “Roundabout” – never really understood why they saw it necessary to do that.

  4. mundaneDan says:

    are there any soundboard recordings of the Big Generator tour? i think all the ones i’ve seen are audience recordings.

  5. BlankReg says:

    I haven’t seen any SBD shows from the Big Generator tour. I have a pretty good audience recording from the Hollywood (FL) show, but it’s on vinyl and I have no way of converting it to CD. But it’s the best sounding BG show I’ve heard so far. I’ll keep an eye out for more…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kinda cool that they used a nod to Tempus Fugit as the transition between Rabin’s Holy Lamb guitar solo and Wurm.Pete

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