Machine Messiah (1980)

I received a couple comments asking for more Drama tour stuff. While I love every era of Yes, the uniqueness of the Drama years has always been a draw for me. Here’s “Machine Messiah” from the Leicester, UK, show on November 24, 1980. This is one of the best sounding boots from this era I have heard. I just picked this up from Dime and as of this posting, the entire show is well-seeded. If you want to expand your Yes collection, get on Dime and search for torrents uploaded by Relayerman. This dude’s been busy!

Source/quality: Audience/A-

Machine Messiah

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3 Responses to Machine Messiah (1980)

  1. henny says:

    ABSOLOUTELY WONDERFUL – PLEASE keep this stuff coming… post a version of GFTO and Sweet Dreams from 2004! Wow!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    this boot is wicked gr8 to hear from original drama tour lets hear some more!!!! great job tnnx!

  3. Jim says:

    I’ve just discovered your site, and I’m blown away — many thanks for your contributions to historical Yesdom! Fascinating to hear this live version — especially at this time in the tour. I was fortunate to catch the Drama tour on its first stop in the US — in Hartford, Connecticut, where the band was unbelievably tight (if *very* nervous). But then I remembering hearing Trevor’s voice was a mess toward the end of this tour, and this track confirms it. Great and very interesting arrangement tho, thanks again!

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