Going for the One & Sweet Dreams (2004)

Upgraded 7/25/2007!

Henry from the “Machine Messiah” post asked for “Going for the One” and “Sweet Dreams” from the 35th Anniversary Tour, so here you go. This is an upgrade to the original post from June 13, 2004, at the Arrow Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands. But I recently came upon a soundboard recording of the July 8 show in Lugano, Switzerland. To say that this is an upgrade is an understatement. These songs sound amazing! Download the complete show here.

For an interesting contrast of eras of Yes, compare this version of “Sweet Dreams” to the one played by the 90125 lineup, posted below. Believe it or not, I tend to lean towards the 1984 version. Let me know what you think…

Source/quality: Soundboard/A+

Going for the One
Sweet Dreams

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4 Responses to Going for the One & Sweet Dreams (2004)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, didn’t know we were allowed to make requests. I’m gonna take a page out of Henry’s book and ask for something rare. Nothing specific, but when I say rare, I mean something along the lines of a great live version (or rare studio/radio) of “survival” or perhaps “The Miracle of Life.” I know that last one is hard to come by, but not necessarily these two songs; just giving ideas. I’m sure you know what’s good and what’s not. I only ask that the quality of sound is high. Other than that, surprise us. In the meantime I will prepare to be amazed. Thanks again for this awesome site. God bless Yes.

  2. BlankReg says:

    Well, I’ll do my best. Not too sure about “Miracle of Life.” According to Forgotten Yesterdays, it has never been played live by Yes. I have a Trevor Rabin show somewhere, and I think I have a Chris Squire Experiment show somewhere. I’ll see if it’s there. I know I don’t have “Survival” as I don’t have much from pre-Tales tour. I’ll see what I can come up with.

  3. drazan22 says:

    Hey Rich, it’s me. I just posted something new on Yesfans.com in the Yesmusic section, encouraging people to share their live / rare material. I need you to back me up. I noticed you haven’t been updating the site much these days, so I’m sure you’re real busy. Anyway, if you have time, check out the thread and maybe write something or post something. Hope all is well with you.

  4. Jim says:

    You sir…are my hero!

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