On the Silent Wings of Freedom (1978)

I guess I’m on a roll tonight. This is another radio broadcast (gotta love ’em!). Here is the climax of Tormato, performed on September 19, 1978, in Richfield, Ohio. Why this song was left off of The Word is Live I’ll never know – considering the quality of other tracks in the collection, they could have included this one as-is. And check out the stereo effect during the “forty second screamdown” section – cool stuff. The entire concert is available here.

Source/quality: Radio broadcast/A+

On the Silent Wings of Freedom

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7 Responses to On the Silent Wings of Freedom (1978)

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow. that just happened.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best version of this song I’ve ever heard!Would love to hear more from this concert.Great job.

  3. Cayul says:

    Incredible. Thank you for the good and historic moments you gave with this songs. It has been difficult to me find some bootlegs of Yes and I started to download all the material. Sorry for my english, I’m from Chile!

  4. Jim says:

    You obviously know your Yes obscurities — thanks again! While I was lucky enough to have been at two Tormato shows in ’78, the only live recording I have of OTSWOF is from KBFH in Los Angeles. This song was a real treat to see in concert, so glad you could share it!Since you’re clearly in rarities mode, may I make two requests? (1) I’d love to hear Turn of the Century from a ’77 show (especially if preceded by Colours of the Rainbow), and (2) are there any known recordings of the “medley” from the ’76 tour? I no longer have the Roosevelt Stadium recording, but I believe this short section had an acoustic version of Long Distance Runaround, a beautiful harp/guitar/bass pedal interlude, The Clap, and a solo by Patrick Moraz. Not sure of the order, but that’s my recollection, and it was a true highlight of that show.Thanks again for your contributions to Yesdom!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i’d love to hear siberian or starship from this show

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this.I was looking for the Wembley radio broadcast cos I went to every show there, but found this, loved it and and am off to get the whole show now! thanks for posting up these mp3s and such it’s great to have a to check the spirit of arecording before launching down the whole torrent route which is time consuming.. you’re a star!Ian

  7. Excelent tracks, I love Yes with this line up. Great Site!!! Thanks.

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