Union Tour: Stuttgart 1991

How about a few from the Union tour?

This is one of my favorite eras of Yes, even if the album itself was pretty sad (but it did have some great moments). The tour, on the other hand, was amazing. I was blessed enough to see them three times during the tour, one of them from the front row. Memories I will never forget.

Here are three songs from May 31, 1991, in Stuttgart, Germany: “Shock to the System” and “Lift Me Up” from Union, plus “Awaken”. These come from a radio broadcast, so the quality is top-notch, which should satisfy those with issues over the sound quality of some of my previous posts.

I included “Awaken” even though I posted an excellent version from the 35th Anniversary tour previously. But “Awaken” was the center piece of the show, and any Union post would be incomplete without it. I have always loved the way they performed this, especially how Bill Bruford and Trevor Rabin tastefully played, adding so much more to the sound textures. This is truly a group performance!

The torrent I downloaded these from is available here. It’s not the complete show, but what you get sounds amazing.

Source/quality: Radio broadcast/A+

Shock to the System
Lift Me Up

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4 Responses to Union Tour: Stuttgart 1991

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent song choices by you again! You provide a truly great service. Some of us don’t particularly understand downloading torrents etc.I thank you very much, as one of those!!Thanks for helping us all find great music

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just found this site, saw the Union tour in Indianapolis. Appreciate youmaking these files available. Thanks!

  3. I'm completely a Bruford-Yes driven fan… so I found this Awaken performance very good and inspirational!!!I hope, if you have any… that you post more music by Yes-bruford combination…My best regards from Mexico

  4. Jim says:

    Just listened to Shock To The System….and it sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!! What a great performance!

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