Endless Dream (1994)

For many Yesfans, myself included, “Endless Dream” is the pinnacle of Trevor Rabin’s tenure with Yes. A Yes epic truly worthy of the term, “Endless Dream” can stand on its own along side the other classic epics the band has performed over the years. Live, as with most Yes music, “Endless Dream” rose to a whole new level. Hear for yourself with this performance from Maryland Heights, Missouri, on June 29, 1994.

Source/quality: Soundboard/A+

Endless Dream

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9 Responses to Endless Dream (1994)

  1. Cayul says:

    Hi again…this is a great song, the second best reason to purchase Talk after I am waiting. Thanks for posting a new song…i don’t understand very much the torrent system so i have to travel in forums and blogs…bye bye, Oscar, from Chile!

  2. Drazan22 says:

    This rocks! Love the sound quality. Hey Rich, would you say this is the best live version of ‘Endless’out there?

  3. BlankReg says:

    I’m not sure if it’s the best version. It’s one of the best I have come across, but since they used that Concertsonics system, there are soundboard recordings of most of the shows.

  4. X-man says:

    Except for the drum hiccup great version. Keep em coming. It’s great to hear all this rare music.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I just became aware of your site through some extensieve googling, mainly because I’m seriously pissed off because I see all the ‘dime’-torrents that’s out there, but can’t get an account at dime. So in short: thank you for your site.Yes fan in Norway.

  6. Emrys says:

    just discovered your site… you absolutely rock! i’d once had that KBFH Relayer show on tape, but lost it years ago, and have searched in vain for it ever since. thanks so much for making it available!listening now to the version of Silent Wings Of Freedom you’ve posted… it’s a shame whoever was mixing Steve’s guitar was sooo wasted! 😉 just curious… do you have the other famous live version of that song, the Madrigal/SWoF combo? i’ve only ever come across it whole in mono, although i’ve got a stereo version of the SWoF portion of it.finally, since we’re all Yes fans, here, i’ll note that i, too, have been frustrated by the inability to get an account at dime… i really wish they would Bug Me Not with such obstacles…

  7. Emrys says:

    err, sorry, i meant to say i wish they’d bug me not with such obstacles…

  8. Jay says:

    Just found this web-site, it’s fantastic. Would love to see some updates (I can contribute if you like).This version of Endless Dream is fantastic quality. Unfortunately you can’t hear Chris’ backing vocals during the “temptation may come…” section like on the Santiago DVD, but the quality is wonderful.

  9. Dan-Al Blanc says:

    The best track on the album in my opinion, and probably the best by the Trevor Rabin era, fortunately Yes were showing us all that they were still a prog band. Although I still don’t understand what Tony Kaye was doing in there, especially on that album in which he plays only Hammond organ, all the keyboard work was done by Rabin, strange. But apart from that, it is a great song, thanks for sharing that version of it… Oh by the way, there is a song on that Talk album called Where would you be, also included on the 90124 Trevor Rabin album, you can hear the song complete except for the vocals, and I was wondering ; did Trevor play all the instruments on that particular song and Jon Anderson recording only his voice on it ? So, it would be a Rabin-Anderson song rather than a Yes song ? I would be really greateful if someone could give me an answer on that, thank you !

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