Hey everyone. There’s new posts coming soon. I promise. I just don’t know when lol. I’m just checking in to say Hi and let anyone watching this site know that I’m still alive. I know I had mentioned that I would be posting complete shows but have since decided not to do that unless I come accross more time in my life. But I miss posting music so I’m going to continue with the original intent of this site to just share individual songs that are of particular interest or that I just like.

Oh and I am so tired of the no-Jon/no-Yes crap. I know many are passionate about this topic but please keep it off these posts. I will delete any comments slamming Yes for continuing without Jon or that slam Benoit and/or Oliver or any other member for that matter. This site is about celebrating YES music in all it’s forms. If you don’t like the direction the band are taking you’re free to ignore any of the In the Present posts that show up. Sorry to rant, but the constant bickering has become entrenched on Yesfans and I just don’t want it here.



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2 Responses to Ping…

  1. Anonymous says:

    O.K., I'm waiting…

  2. BlankReg says:

    Ok here we go… 🙂

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