Final Eyes (1987)

Here’s another one the YesWest fans have been wanting to hear. “Final Eyes” along with “I’m Running” (posted earlier here) are by many fans considered the better tracks on Big Generator as they’re both more “prog” sounding as far as 1980’s Yes goes. This version of “Final Eyes” was taken from the same show as “I’m Running” and is a wonderful take on my favorite BG song. I love the opening to this one, and the band sounds great, especially Chris & Alan. Why did they drop these songs from the set after only a few shows? But I’m glad to have these recordings since by the time the band came to Philly a couple weeks later they had dropped both from the set.

Source/quality: Audience/A-

Final Eyes

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1 Response to Final Eyes (1987)

  1. 501blues says:

    Thanks for posting this. Great to here this song in a live setting. They should drag this one out of the bag for awhile.

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