Madrigal > On the Silent Wings of Freedom (1978)

Someone along the way requested this so here it is. This is one of the best versions of “On the Silent Wings of Freedom” and is especially nice with the “Madrigal” lead-in and buildup to Jon’s “Bass guiter…Mr. Christopher Squire” announcement. This comes from the BBC recording of the evening show of October 28, 1978 at Wembley Arena in London. This was one of the first bootlegs I ever got. I had a vinyl copy titled In the Round and listened to it constantly for weeks after getting it. The record was mislabeled as October 6, 1978 in Los Angeles but it’s definitely 10/28. Coincidentially, the version of “Don’t Kill the Whale” on Yesshows was from this gig as were the live versions of “Roundabout” and “I’ve Seen All Good People” on Classic Yes. Enjoy!

Source/quality: Soundboard (pre-FM)/A

Madrigal > On the Silent Wings of Freedom

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10 Responses to Madrigal > On the Silent Wings of Freedom (1978)

  1. adrian says:

    Yes Rich definitive version of a truly great song. Makes me laugh that Jon adds an S on the end of Chris's name (Squires). BTW Roundabout on Classic Yes is a different gig (forget which but it is listed on forgottenyesterdays).cheers

  2. Wow, my copy of this has much worse sound, and, weirdly is missing Madrigal. It has exactly the same speech from Jon so it is the same concert. I must look around for an upgrade. Anyone have any ideas?

  3. Jim says:

    Where can I find the rest of this show in Mp3's of the same quality?I was able to find the show, but it was ripped from a Vinyl copy of the show and it sounds terrible in comparison to this!This is remarkably great sounding. THANKS FOR POSTING!!!

  4. Mike (yesshows'77) says:

    Listening to this takes me back in time, just outstanding! I was lucky enough to be at the Matinee show the same day – I remember sitting there and listening to the quiet passage with during this song – the Bells, Birotron (strings) along with Jon and being blown away at the sound quality. This BBC recording of the Saturday show must be the definitive Yes Live recording. Absolutely blistering performances with a great sound and lightshow not forgetting of course the amazing circular stage.

  5. Jon says:

    As I stated in another post earlier today. If it’s possible to get ahold of the entire BBC recording of this Wembley show, that’d be turly amazing. Any chance of it appearing as a ‘Yesshow of the Month’?

  6. Anonymous says:

    This show was on the day I was born! Entire show is on its way to my hard drive. The Tormato tour sounds like so much fun.

  7. Thank you, a thousand times thank you! I so would like to hear Sound Chaser, Ritual, and The Revealing Science of God but cannot get rid of the .zip ending of the flac. files… I downloaded winamp, but i think the .zip ending is my problem… Do you have Into the Lens form 1980 anywhere? thanks again!!!!!

  8. okay google helped me learn how to remove file extensions with Windows 7 so I was able to remove the .zip and now my winamp is golden with this .flac stuff! THANK YOU!!!!

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