Owner of a Lonely Heart (2004)

Here’s a wonderful version of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” from the Prince’s Trust/Trevor Horn Tribute show in November, 2004. The band was Trevor Rabin, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White, Geoff Downes and a host of side players including one wicked cowbell player. It’s in HD too! (For HD, click the YouTube logo on the bottom-right of the player window. Once in YouTube, click on 360p and select 1080p. Set to full-screen and enjoy.)

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3 Responses to Owner of a Lonely Heart (2004)

  1. wv2007 says:

    Excellent performance! If only that guitar battle at the end was LONGER!

  2. Winston Arntz says:

    great footage but the vocals are re-done, I remember a YT video with the actual sound…you don’t want to hear that!

    Quite a unique Yes line up by the way, a real one off!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, overdubbed vocals, no way! )

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