Starship Trooper (1991)

From the wonderful Union tour and a show I was actually at…here’s “Starship Trooper” from the Philadelphia Spectrum on April 16, 1991. This was the second encore, after “Roundabout”, and wasn’t played at all Union shows. “Wurm” solos by Tony, Rick, Steve and Trevor. Enjoy!

PS – They’re in the process of tearing down the historic Spectrum. So sad. I have wonderful memories of Yes, the Grateful Dead and many other bands in that building. RIP.

Source/quality: Audience/A-

Starship Trooper

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5 Responses to Starship Trooper (1991)

  1. wv2007 says:

    Excellent stuff! Never knew they played this on this tour. So glad to see you’re back!

  2. wv2007 says:

    Wonder why they didn’t do this more. Seems so suited to an eight-man band with that long jam section in them middle.

    Can you hear the guy six seconds in yelling out for Starship Trooper? What friggin’ luck!

  3. Mike (yesshows'77) says:

    I never got/get bored with this song, it’s always amazing live with whoever solos on it. Jon sounds great on this version – I think I appreciate him now more than ever, he always nailed this song.

  4. This is very nice, thank you.

    This is actually one of My favorite songs ever. I do not think of it, when asked about favorite songs, but it has a quality few other songs can match, of being an experience rather than a sound.

    I looked at the yesfans site mentioned in here. It says Jon is out. Stupid idea, I think, but I am not a ‘real’ fan, just a music lover, so…

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