Hosting space for full shows?

Hey everyone. I’d like to provide links to full shows but don’t have the hosting space nor the money to upgrade the account the MP3s live on. Can someone recommend a good free option? I’ve looked at sites like MegaUpload and other similar sites but they have so many bandwidth limitations, file size restrictions, and spam that I don’t want to go that route for the long run. If someone can provide the storage I can provide complete shows in lossless format that the MP3s on here are taken from. In the meantime, I’m gonna set up sharing via ADrive for a “Complete Yesshows” page. Click here for more details.


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3 Responses to Hosting space for full shows?

  1. Chris Lenox says:

    Just wanted to say I just stumbled upon your site and it is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  2. daniel says:

    HI Rich : Thank you for sharing all this great shows and great music , you are a truly fan .

  3. jb says:

    Occasionally I stumble upon some stuff like this.
    Always glad to see someone listening to Live Yes.

    I’ve been using mediafire whenever i have send someone a show.
    They seem to lose a file now and then, but I put up a lot of stuff that seems to stay for a while and they don’t mind the traffic. For example:

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