Some wonderful news!

Just read this in an interview with Chris Squire about the upcoming Rite of Spring tour: “Yes have a really large library of material that we have amassed over the years so we are able to do a lot of different things. Obviously, we have to combine playing the more popular songs that people want to hear with songs that are not so well-known. We have been looking at different eras of the band and we are going to be playing some very interesting things on this short tour.”

Looks like the setlist will be seeing some much-needed revitalization. Can’t wait to hear what they’re gonna play! Any ideas??


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4 Responses to Some wonderful news!

  1. yesshows77 says:

    You’re right Rich, they really could do with a revamp of their set.

    Here’s my stab at 5 songs they could include to keep the set moving;

    1. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom.
    2. To be over – So love that track.
    3. Release, release – Not sure they could keep up the pace on this one but I’d sure like to see them try.
    4. Into The Lens – The Drama tracks live worked well with Benoit.
    5. Then – Astral traveller from this era also worked well.

    Sounds good to these jaded ears! Lots more I’d like to hear them play but I’ll settle for the 5 listed above…for now.


    • Rich says:

      Hey Mike. “Silent Wings” and “To Be Over” are good guesses. I’d not be surprised the see both, especially since Steve has been keen on adding “To Be Over” for a while now. Doubt “Release, Release” – in 1978 they dropped it from the set cause it wore them out. I’d rather hear “Does it Really Happen?” (as an opener – worked great in 1980) but “Into the Lens” would be cool too. “Then” would be awesome! From the early stuff I’d love “Survival” or “Harold Land” as well. And I know the interview said no new songs, but… “We Can Fly From Here” is going to be on the new album but it’s not really new. I think it’s a perfect addition to the set! Can’t wait!

  2. Jim says:

    I would love to hear To Be Over, A Venture, Beyond and Before, Time And A Word, Sound Chaser (even if it was just a section of it or an abridged version!), Does It Really Happen?, Into The Lens, Sign Language (probably a far-stretch…but you never know!), etc.

    I’m sure whatever they decide to play will be terrific! I’m really excited to find out!!!


  3. wv2007 says:

    If I had to pick one track for Yes to resurrect on this tour, it would have to be “To Be Over.” I think “On the Silent Wings” is also nice pick as far as likely stuff goes.

    I’d be floored if they played some of the better “recent” Yes stuff. “Homeworld” would be a treat!

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