YOSO: Changes and Yes Medley (2010)

YOSO is was a Billy Sherwood project with ex-Toto frontman Bobby Kimbal, and ex-Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye. Augmented by Jimmy Bruhns (Yes tribute ‘Roundabout’) on guitars and Scott Connor (Genesis tribute ‘Gabble Ratchet’) on drums, they released an album of new music in 2010 and toured the US and Europe. The set was a mix of new songs along with Yes and Toto standouts.

Here’s “Changes” and a Yes medley containing excerpts from Yes, Time and a Word and The Yes Album. It was recorded on August 19, 2001, at The Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. Enjoy!

Source/quality: Audience/A-

Yes Medley

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2 Responses to YOSO: Changes and Yes Medley (2010)

  1. face 1004 says:

    Thanks for this. I was actually at the show in the front row. Yoso did a great set of Yes,Toto and their new album. After the show they all came up to the lobby area and talked and signed autographs for the fans. If you can, please post more from this show. I would like to here the rest. Thanks again, P.S. Only about 150 at gig.

  2. steve1919 says:

    Hello from Japan.
    Tony and Billy came to Japan last month, and had some shows.
    One of the show is now broadcasting.
    Try this;


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