Fly From Here (2012)

For me, the release of Fly From Here in 2011 was a major highlight in recent Yes history. Benoit David had been the official vocalist for some time, but the release of an album really validates a band’s lineup, and Yes is no exception. I thoroughly enjoy the record. In fact, it’s my favorite of the post-Keys to Ascension releases. Here’s the entire “Fly From Here” suite, from Boston on July 21, 2012. And while I’d have liked to hear Benoit have a chance to sing the entire piece, Jon Davison does a pretty good job. And the energy of the band is excellent – the full suite comes across very strongly. I especially like Steve’s slide guitar during “Sad Night at the Airfield” and the great jamming during “Mad Man at the Screens.” But the entire piece is a great listen. Live, “Fly From Here” takes its rightful place among all great Yes epics.

Source/quality: Audience/A-

Fly From Here

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1 Response to Fly From Here (2012)

  1. Curtis says:

    Really liked this album too. Thanks for posting again.

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