Trevor Rabin: I Can’t Look Away (1989)

While ABWH was doing their thing, Trevor Rabin released an amazing solo album called Can’t Look Away in 1989. Here’s the title track from the Boston show on December 5, 1989. This tour (along with the ABWH Tour) is high on my list of regrets for not seeing. Trevor sounds great here, and the audience is amazing! Yes, I do miss Trevor… Enjoy.

Source/quality: Audience/A-

Can’t Look Away

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3 Responses to Trevor Rabin: I Can’t Look Away (1989)

  1. Anonymous says:

    how much I miss this man playing live , he should put together a band and go on the road , his playing is aggressive , yet passionate and soulful

  2. Arj says:

    Gold – god I love the internet. The first verse is interesting – in the beginning it is just Rabin, and then you hear the audience singing along – when the church organ bit comes in it sounds like either a) Rabin can’t hear himself and sings out of tune or b) he is holding the mic out to a punter who sounds quite a bit like him and is wailing away. I think it may be “b)”, because when the singer finishes that section “…I cant look away”, the audience cheers as if to say “great job guy in the crowd”. To support this, the next verse is obviously Trevor and very clear.
    Thank you so much.

  3. JimZing says:

    One of my all time favorite artists. Thanks for posting. This show was also broadcast live on Boston’s WBCN that evening, so that audio probably lurks somewhere as well. BTW, Arj, I was at this very show and you are correct. Trevor did hold the mic out to an audience member during the first verse.

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