Remember to leave comments!

Just a friendly reminder that I really appreciate when people leave comments about the music, so be sure to comment on the post when you listen. It will also serve to let me know folks are still following this blog after yet another long hiatus on my part. Thanks!

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5 Responses to Remember to leave comments!

  1. InRock says:

    Thanks for all the delivered material, this kind of blog always welcomed by fans

    greetings from Chile

  2. Rich says:

    Glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. InRock says:

    My Blog!

  4. Thanks for the great Yesshows! Any chance you could post the 1978 Tormato Wembley show? The link you shared for the whole gig wants a password. Would love to get these songs as .flac files. Thanks for Madrigal/On the Silent Wings of Freedom! keep them coming! 🙂

  5. Nepomuceno says:

    Muy interesante tu post.

    ¡¡Nunca dejes de seguir posteando!!

    Saludos desde Argentina.


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