This blog is intended to be a celebration of Yes music. It’s partly in response to a thread on Yesfans.com a few years ago encouraging Yes fans to share live & rare Yes music with the community. I post primarily individual songs that are special for one reason or another. I will periodically post full shows, but that’s not the main direction of the site. The main point here is to enjoy and discuss Yes music in all its various forms over the years.

And I hate to have to say this but I will because it must be said…

If you have feelings about Jon vs. Benoit, old Jon vs. new Jon, not Yes without the Jon, etc., please keep them to yourself. This is my site and I love all incarnations of Yes. I have seen the Benoit lineup several  times, and I have seen Yes 23 times since 1984. I can honestly say I love it all. There are eras of the band I prefer (Relayer is my favorite) but all Yes music is special. So no negativity, ok? All negative comments will be deleted.

You’ll also notice that I post on a, shall we say, inconsistent basis. I’m pretty busy and post when I can or when I have something of interest to post. So just stay tuned…posts have a way of resuming…

Lastly, for those concerned about the legitimacy of posting “bootlegged” music, Yes themselves have said they don’t mind seeing live and rare, unreleased music shared amongst the fan community, as long as no money is charged and nothing that is commercially available is posted. So those are the rules I follow here…



2 Responses to About

  1. mrtraviscory broxton says:

    just discovered your blog…nice job! i too am a long time yes fan, having seen them over 50 times since february 1972. now my question, is it still possible to get a download of the 2/26/74 boston garden show? thank you in advance!


    btw, if you have heard the tom terrell tribute to yes on npr when their 40th anniversary disc was released, i’m the travis he mentioned.

  2. Alan says:

    Just discovered this site & I’m delighted to see it.I’ve been a Yes fan since 1974 and seen them a few times over the years-my favourite show being the Going For The One tour in ’77.Thanks for the site – looking at these tracks brings back many happy memories !

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