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Trevor Rabin: I Can’t Look Away (1989)

While ABWH was doing their thing, Trevor Rabin released an amazing solo album called Can’t Look Away in 1989. Here’s the title track from the Boston show on December 5, 1989. This tour (along with the ABWH Tour) is high on my … Continue reading

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Our Song & Hearts (1984)

Hello all! This is my first post since moving the blog over to WordPress. I seem to be in a YesWest mood lately, so here’s a couple from a soundboard recording from September 9, 1984, at the Hershey Park Arena in Hershey, … Continue reading

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Final Eyes (1987)

Here’s another one the YesWest fans have been wanting to hear. “Final Eyes” along with “I’m Running” (posted earlier here) are by many fans considered the better tracks on Big Generator as they’re both more “prog” sounding as far as … Continue reading

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We Can Fly From Here (studio version) (1980)

Well at least one person said they were waiting for new posts! And there are 48 members of the Facebook group so I’m gonna try to get the posts flowing again… Here is an interesting version of “We Can Fly … Continue reading

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Machine Messiah (1980)

I received a couple comments asking for more Drama tour stuff. While I love every era of Yes, the uniqueness of the Drama years has always been a draw for me. Here’s “Machine Messiah” from the Leicester, UK, show on … Continue reading

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Perpetual Change (1984)

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. Hopefully, posts will start trickling in again. Thanks for hanging with me! Here is a rare performance of “Perpetual Change” from the 90125 tour. This was taken from the very first night of … Continue reading

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Holy Lamb > Wurm (1987)

On the surface, segueing into “Wurm” from “Holy Lamb” seems like almost a travesty. During the Big Generator tour, Yes dropped the “Life Seeker” and “Disillusion” sections from “Starship Trooper” and just played “Wurm.” The three shows I saw I … Continue reading

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