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Tales From Topographic Oceans tour, February 26, 1974
Big Generator tour, November 14, 1987

While the main focus of this blog is individual songs, every now and then I’ll post a complete show. It won’t be often, but if there is a request for a complete show from the songs on the blog, comment here and I’ll see what I can do.

Note that these shows will be posted in lossless format, usually in flac, to honor the trading community that always stresses that the best quality recordings be the ones that are circulated. I agree completely, so I won’t be converting complete shows to MP3. More information on flac, including the necessary software to convert to wav files for creating CDs, can be found here. Note though that most audio players, including Winamp, will play flac files without converting to MP3. There are also apps available for smartphones as well.

Lastly, the links to download the shows will occasionally expire. I’m using a free hosting service, so if you click the link and it no longer works, leave a comment to remind me and I’ll re-enable the link.

As always, enjoy the music!

14 Responses to Complete Yesshows

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting, I was there! LWFAW would have been better as the original arrangement imo. My friend said Jon shed tears before Shoot High…Holy Lamb/Wurm was weird (especially now knowing Wurm was a Bodast song I think). Good show.

    • Rich says:

      I didn’t really care for the acoustic version of “Love Will Find a Way” either. But enjoyed the “Holy Lamb/Wurm” combination. There’s a version of that from a different night on the blog too.

  2. Neveryoumindaboutthat says:

    Thank you very much!

    If one may offer a suggestion, may I ask for you to post size in MB of the file on offer, along with the other information?

    I enjoy BG but have never heard any recordings from the tour, so this will be a joy.

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks a lot for posting all this live Yes! It’s much appreciated!!! It’s cool to hear the Big Generator Tour show, seeing as how it was performed just 13 days after I was born (November 1st)!

    If I may offer a suggestion, I’d love to hear anything from the 2010 Summer Tour. In particular, the show at CMAC in Canandaigua, NY on June 30th. I’m not sure if it was recorded, but as several others on Yesfans stated, “They were on!” Plus, it was my first show, so I carry some very wonderful and sentimental memories of seeing my all-time favorite band in my hometown. 🙂

    If that’s not possible, then I’m more than willing to settle for what you think is the best show of the current line-up. Thanks for reading!


  4. wv2007 says:

    Thanks for the great show! I loved “Final Eyes” and “I’m Running” when you posted this one back when and now I’m glad to have the full show. I especially love the re-tooled “Love Will Find A Way,” with it beginning acoustic and slowly getting more electric… Way better than the studio version!

  5. wv2007 says:

    The Boston ’74 Tales show is amazing. I’d encourage anyone who has not already done so to check it out!!!

  6. wv2007 says:

    Hey, thanks again for the great Yesshows. Excellent idea. Got anything planned for April?

  7. Trev says:

    Thank you so very much for doing this. It’s a tremendous generosity on your part to do this. I’m enjoying the Tales show.

  8. jon kemp says:

    thanks for all the hard work!

  9. alberto says:

    link the Tales is down

  10. alberto says:

    please I need news links for Tales From..

  11. Avalro says:

    Oops both links are down, could you repost ’em?

    I’m new discovering this site, there are amazing stuff here, and listening the first two samples from this show was an incredible experience, so if you are able to return, post some new stuff and re-upload these shows, would be amazing..

    Thanks for all this gems….Greets!!

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